Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara

The Protected Marine area of Capo Carbonara (AMPCC) is placed in the South - Eastern extremity of Sardinia in the Villasimius’ coast (Cagliari’s province). Its surface is about 14.000 hectares, and stretches over the shoreline between Pisano Cove and Punta Proceddus. It protects both marine and coastal environments by monitoring, research and training activities, information and environmental communication

The AMPCC shows a jagged coastline made up of enchanting coves, beaches and cliffs surrounded by turquoise waters. A beauty connected with the environmental values of the coastline preserved by 2 Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and 3 Special Protection Areas (SPA) of the European Union 2000 Nature Network that protects habitats, rare and endangered flora and fauna.

It is a very interesting natural place, not only to contemplate but also to observe for discovering its environmental values. And this is the trip goal: to admire, describe and understand these enchanting landscapes, combining enjoyment and knowledge of their natural beauty.

The proposed trips run along the coast of the Protected Marine Area, among cliffs, coves and beaches. One is a coastal tour, with stops in panoramic spots and the most beautiful beaches; the second is a trekking route at the South East of the shoreline, the third is a guided trip on board of sailors’ boats. The coast is the right place for observing the shoreline, for discovering its environments and understanding the interaction phenomena between earth and sea. It will be described in its geomorphological and botanical aspects, showing habitats and ecosystems.