Sardinian Geomining Park


Sardinia, is a region rich of mineral resources, with a millenary mining history which dates back to the Nuragic age. All the people who lived here: Phoenicians, Punics and Romans, later Pisans, Catalans and Piedmonts, exploited rich deposits of lead, zinc and silver. This mining history ended in the last century, between the 80’s and 90’s, when the last metalliferous mines of the Iglesias and Guspini’s areas closed down.

This is an inheritance, a cultural, historical, industrial, archaeological and ethnographical heritage which had to be preserved in order to remain in history. With that purpose, the Sardinian Geomining, Historical and Environmental Park was established in 2001. It is the first park of the UNESCO World Network of Geosites/Geoparks. It covers a surface of about 3.500 Km2, most of it in the South/West of Sardinia, in the Sulcis, Iglesias and Guspini’s areas.

Particularly, in the Iglesias’ territory there are a lot of evidences of this past: mining plants and villages, extraction wells, thousands of kilometers of tunnels and old railways. But not only human work is to be seen. In the park there are amazing natural environments: cliffs, karst cavities, mountains covered by forests, and enchanting beaches.

In conclusion, this area is unique because of its historical, archaeological, geomorphological, speleological and botanical characteristics. The proposed trip makes you discover this varied heritage retracing territory history.